How not to be a tour guide

A cautionary tale “You look like you went out last night” says Nicholas the walking tour guide the moment he looks at my face*. Everyone else waiting for him in the hostel reception gets a simple “hello”, maybe a “how are you?” Mike gets a kind of weird ghetto handshake, but then he is special.... Continue Reading →

Be the Bird

“This is Chris, but we call him T-Rex – big body, tiny arms” “If Chris is your tandem instructor, expect some incredibly close-up shots of your own face”. In the 20 or so minutes I have been at the Australian Skydive Centre in Torquay, they’ve already managed to make us feel at ease. I admit... Continue Reading →

Elba Island – 7 things to do

One of my better life choices this year (2019) was the decision to stay for 4 days on the beautiful Tuscan island of Elba. I can't really remember how the idea to go there popped into my head - but it turned out to be a great one.  Located in the Tyrrhenian Sea’s Tuscan Archipelago National... Continue Reading →

24 hours in Pisa – 5 tips!

    I recently embarked on a month-long solo adventure around Italy, and Pisa was my very first stop! Keen to see the infamous tower but having not heard much else worth hanging around for, I decided on a whistle-stop tour - here are my top 5 tips on 24 hours in Pisa...  1. WALK... Continue Reading →

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